Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization established in March 2003 to strengthen the hospital’s ability to provide health care of the highest quality in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. The Foundation enhances patient care at the Princess Margaret Hospital by purchasing state of the art medical equipment, promoting in-service education and staff development through education.

In October 2011 during Breast Cancer Month, the PMH Foundation officially launched its “Caring for Breast” Campaign with a goal of purchasing a state of the art digital mammogram machine for the Princess Margaret Hospital at a cost of $500,000.

A new digital mammogram machine would double the capacity for screening patients for breast cancer at PMH, reduce radiation exposure by 30% and allow digital storage of images, which will make comparative studies easier and allow for remote consultations.

With the help from our partners at Marathon Bahamas along with its dedicated sponsors and participants, the PMH Foundation has successfully reached its goal of purchasing a digital mammogram machine for the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Women like Tracy Moss of Freeport was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 43yrs, her mother at 34yrs and her sister at 33yrs. With the help of our generous donors to the “Caring for Breast” campaign, thousands of women like Tracy and her family can be screened and treated for breast cancer before it’s too late.

The Foundation wishes to thank our partners, donors and volunteers to the “Caring for Breast” campaign for your generous contribution and commitment to the success of the campaign.