Maxine Missick


Maxine Missick.

2005: “Your test results are here. The doctor wants to see you as soon as possible. Bring your daughter with you.” Somehow I knew and, with the mini counseling session provided by my doctor prior to the mammogram, I had the basis of strength to cushion me through the next traumatic months.

“Your test results are not good. They came back positive.”

Reaction: Dismay, fear, uncertainty, miscalculation, technical error. These were quickly replaced with confidence with the doctor, medical facilities and personnel and my continued strength in God.

Life continued with daily routines Of work and family life.

After my mastectomy, my period of confinement and recuperation was not as traumatic as I had feared. My daughter was my complete caretaker in every sense of the word along with my husband, sons and sisters.

Simultaneously with my diagnosis, my mother was terminally ill and I could not visit and assist in caring for her as I would have liked. I am thankful to God that He enabled me to be well enough to spend time with her precious before her death in October 3. The week following her funeral I started chemotherapy sessions, which continued until March 2006.

This experience has made me make some adjustments in my lifetime but work, home and church continue to bring much satisfaction. Appreciation of love, family, friends, colleagues, church members are paramount As importantly, the bonding of persons with similar challenges extends beyond the biological family. Sister Sister Cancer Support Group is a family of prayers, fellowship, experiences, support and strength from one another and God. Diet, exercise and a positive attitude in promoting good health is also important.

2014: “You’re good for another year,” was my doctor’s parting shot. I can truly say with the hymn writer,

“I’ll praise Him for all that is past

And trust Him for all that’s to come”

I am a Survivor!